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Bryn Mawr College Courses and Other Resources

Materials relevant to mental health issues are available in connection with a number of courses in a variety of disciplines, as well as through library, staff, health services, and other organizations. Suggestions for additons and modifications to the following lists are welcome.


Course Title Faculty Additional Info
Neurobiology and Behavior Grobstein Biology 202
Mental Health A BioPsychoSocial Perspective Martin GNSTB245 - 1775
Women Living Well Seminar Campbell temp
Human Behavior in the Social Environment Littel, Becker, Barbera, Shapiro, Baumohl, Schram, and Martin GSSW 142, GSSW 141, GSSW 146
Clinical Social Work Practice with Children and Adolescents Shapiro
Mental Health Policy and Social Work Practice Alexander GSSW 351
Clinical Social Work Becker, Corwin, and Martin GSSW 212, GSSW 211
Social Work Practice with Women Becker
Developmental Psychology Wozniak Psych 206
Social Psychology McCauley Psych 208
Abnormal Psychology Rescorla Psych 209
Human Cognition Thapar Psych 212
Behavioral Neuroscience Thomas Psych 218
Developmental Cognitive Disorders Cassidy Psych 350
Developmental Psychopathology Schulz Psych 351
Psychopharmacology Thomas Psych 395
Cognitive Issues in Personality and Social Psychology McCauley Psych 398
Developmental Psychology Psych 510-511
Social Psychology Psych 520
Family, School, and Culture Psych 523
Introduction of Psychological Assessment Psych 540
Psychoeducational and Personality Assessment Psych 541
Family Therapy Psych 560
Sex and Gender in Crosscultural Perspective Doi Anthro 106
Human Ecology Davis Anthro 203
Conflict and Conflict Management: A Crosscultural Approach Ross Anthro 206=PolSci 206
Human Biology Monge Anthro 208
Medical Anthropology Ferzacca Anthro 210
Childhood in the African Experience Kilbride Anthro 253
Clinical Encounter Ferzacca Anthro 323
Society, Culture, and the Individual Porter Sociology 102
The Family in Social Context Osirim Sociology 217
Aging and Generational Conflict Kaye Sociology 214
Marginal and Outsiders: The Sociology of Deviance Washington Sociology 455
Sociology of Education Karen Sociology 258


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