Why would I want to change who I am? Someone living in a rose garden wouldn't want to change. Like the idea of "reacting" to the essay, instead of "critiquing" it; it gives more freedom. Like the idea of bringing up the unconscious. There was a time when no one thought about it. Then people thought about it as those things "people didn't want to think about". Now we know more, that people do lots of things unconsciously. In fact most things. We only become conscious when something upsets or disturbs us, when there's a glitch. Like the change of the epigram very much. It knocks the old phrasing on its head. It makes it obtuse to believe one could think without being. What are you trying to do, take Descartes off the wall and put yourself up there? To do away with the wall? I like it. Like the idea that maybe we've finished "cataloging"; that's a good word for what maybe we can grow beyond. Like "based on all of these", a lot. Is it that simple? I hope it is. You and I can start from there. If I can think, I can change .... not only me but lots of things. I think its fun. I really do. We know so much more than in Descartes' time about thinking, being, emotion. Imagine what it was like then, how tidy it was. We can think about going to the moon. That required god-like powers then, not something humans had. We've done away with god-like powers, no longer need them. Its marvelous that we can think, and be able to change. Its a bigger conception of the universe. A fascinating idea, creating because of knowledge. Have we built it or discovered it? INSTRUCTIONS BY WARREN HAMPE: Depression hurts but can be valuable. Dreams are a dialectic. Pay attention to the dream-weaver but not too much. Avoid depressive cognition. Pay attention to the verbs instead of the nouns. Life is a system. Share friendship and love. Keep wondering and wandering.