Re-Visioning the Core of "Science":
Getting It "Less Wrong " Rather Than "Right"


One way to think of "science" ...

A less wrong way?


  1. "Science" is a process, rather than a body of "facts" or fixed understandings
  2. "Science" is something everybody is equipped to do at birth and does much of the time, rather than a specialized activity done only by specially trained people under particular circumstances
  3. "Science" is BOTH focused/analytical/critical AND synthetic/intuitive/creative.
  4. "Science" is an ongoing process of "getting it less wrong", rather than of getting it "right".
    • Science cannot, need not, and does not deal in "Truth"
    • Being "wrong" is a fundamental, essential, and inevitable component of "science", rather than something to be avoided or criticized
    • It is the business of science to question and challenge, rather than to affirm or comfort or "fix" (though the last is likely to occur as a by-product, and perhaps the first two as well)
  5. "Science" is "play" ... and like all play it is both fun/risky and dangerous/productive
  6. "Science" is "story telling", a social activity which derives its power (and makes its contributions) precisely insofar as it succeeds in bringing into the ongoing process the widest possible range of individuals and their own stories.