The Story of Evolution
and the Evolution of Stories

Final Set of Web Papers:

Making Use of Stories of the Course
to Create New, Useful Ones of our Own

May 2007

azambetti Timeless Stories
cevans Intention in Science
Christina Cunnane Evolution of Thought Through Topic Variation
danYellTraining Aunt
ekornThe Different Sides of Emily
L.F.A parallel universe in "On Beauty"
marquisedemerteuil Final Paper! Intentionality and Authorship in Barthes, Foucault and Smith
Elise Niemeyer Story-making and "The Crack"
rebeccafarber The subconscious and conscious adaptation and evolution of literary stories
Hayley Reed Translating Reality
SarahMalayaSniezek How Groups Work: A Study of Group Dynamics and its Possible Negative Implications
J ShafaghSpoken Word Performance: Understanding Reality
Shannon New Stories of the Evolution of Science through the Media
Megan Smith The N-Word: Past Meaning and Contemporary Questions
LS E True Hollywood Stories: The Three Little Pigs
Isabelle WinerFinding a Path in the Absence of Truth

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