The Story of Evolution
and the Evolution of Stories

Third Set of Web Papers:
On the Evolution of Literary Stories
April 2007

ashi Societal Need for the Evolution of Stories
azambetti Synoptic Evolution
cevans Evolution of Intent
Christina Cunnane Literary Evolution in a Biblical Perspective
danYellAspirant Evolution
ekorn On Cloning
evanstiegel Contemporary Evolution of Racial Mindset
L.F. Suffering and passion are both catalysts for the process of evolution
Karen GinsbergThoughts on Thoughtlessness
Anne HardingCinderella and Evolution
Kristin Jenkins Lost in Translation
kaleigh19Intertextuality and Literary Evolution
llim Females in the 16th and 21st Century: Gender Perception in Literature
marquisedemerteuil Evolution of the Author/Subject in Sophie Calle's Exquisite Pain
Elise Niemeyer Endings as Mirrors of Evolutionary Growth in Literature: Howards End and On Beauty
rebeccafarber The subconscious and conscious adaptation and evolution of literary stories
Katherine Redford Literary Evolution as a Window into Social Evolution
Hayley Reed An Odyssey of Self Awareness: Considering the Conscious & Unconscious
SarahMalayaSniezek Building Diversity: When a Diverse Student Body isn't Enough
J Shafagh Dynamic Homes: Representing Comfort in "Home," "Howard's End" and "The Fall of the House of Usher"
Shannon Genius Loci: Connecting People, One Story at a Time
Megan Smith On Beauty: Joseph Chaikin, the Open Theater, and Postmodern American Theater
tbarryfigu We Refuse To Be Each Other
E.B. Ver HoeveExploring Moral Clarity via Control Theory
Tu-Anh VuDarwinian Evolution in On Beauty
Mariellyssa WenkCulture, Characters and Evolution
Isabelle WinerA Looking Glass for the Development of Buildings
Elle Works The Origin of Books... Well, Sort of

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