The Story of Evolution
and the Evolution of Stories

Second Set of Web Papers:
Taking the Story of Evolution Beyond the Context of Biology
March 2007

ashi Sexuality & Evolution
azambetti Cultural Relativism and Alternative Unions
cevans Evolution of Intelligence in a Box
Christina Cunnane Birthing Process Forces Cultural Evolution in Humans
danYell Evolution of Belief
ekorn Survival of the Consumed
evanstiegel The Evolution of Racial Understand over Time
rebeccafarber The evolution of humor and how it impacts evolution
L.F. In a world of so many interpretations of fundamental human conduct, can there be a universal morality?
Anne Harding Aquinas and Evolution
Kristin Jenkins The Story of Race and the Classification of People: Generative or Not?
llim Evolution as a Religion
marquisedemerteuil Theories of Cultural Evolution in an 18th Century French Novel
Elise Niemeyer Extending Biological Evolution as a Metaphor for Cultural Development
Ingrid Paredes Education Vs. Creationism
Hayley Reed A Discovery of New Words & Worlds: Language's Direct Impact on Evolution
SarahMalayaSniezek The Evolution of Morality: A Skyhook versus Crane Approach
J Shafagh The Evolution of Thought
Shannon Inquiring Success through Stories: "Curiouser & Curiouser"
Megan Smith The Evolution of the Modern American Lesbian Community
LS In Evolution We Trust
tbarryfigu Morality & Animalistic Tendency
ttruong Universals, Particulars, and Defining a Species
Elizabeth Ver HoeveEscaping from the Sea: Transforming the Written Word
Tu-Anh VuA Reductionist Viewpoint on Evolution
Mariellyssa WenkLooking At Dennett's Meaning of Meaning of life
Isabelle WinerA Looking Glass for the Development of Buildings
Elle WorksLife and Religion as Spandrels

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