The Story of Evolution
and the Evolution of Stories

First Web Papers:
Thoughts About and From Biological Evolution
February 2007

ashiThe Change of the Simple
azambettiThe Final Mass Extinction
cevans Evolutionists vs. Creationists
Christina Cunnane Recapitulation: Evidence For or Against Evolution?
danYellSubjectivity and Evolution
Jenn DodwellDarwinian Evolution: To What Extent Does it Apply to Man?
ekornFact or Fiction
evanstiegelEvolution in the Classroom
Becky FarberHuman impact on evolution
L.F.Is Man Tampering with Evolution?
Karen Ginsburg Evolving from a Classroom
Anne Harding The Incredible Storytelling of Creationists
Kristin JenkinsThe Future of Human Evolution
Kaleigh19Why Teleology?
Lisa LimTrial and Error: Humans as Evolutionary Mistakes
marquisedemerteuil Specifying the Self: Zadie Smith's Concept in Ernst Mayr's Writing
Elise NiemeyerRandomness versus Intent: the Lure of Security in Darwinian Evolution and Intelligent Design
PriyadarshiniCan Evolution Evolve?
Katherine RedfordMathematics and Being Less Wrong
Hayley ReedEvolving Without A Plan: A Critical Analysis of What Evolution Is
SarahMalayaSniezekEvolution and Intelligent Design in High Schools
J ShafaghEvolution And Creationism In The Educational System
Shannon You Want Concrete? Hire a Construction Worker!
Megan Smith Evolution and Creationism: Separate Similar Searches
LSWestern Society: Do We Control Natural Selection?
tbarryfiguTrial, Error, and Polymorphism
CTCracks in the "Crack": The Limits of Humanity
ttruongEvolution is Too Personal
Elizabeth Ver HoeveTo Be Significant
Tu-Anh VuViewing the Story of the Development of the Periodic Table as "Getting it Less Wrong"
Mariellyssa WenkEvolution: Not Inevitable After All?
Isabelle WinerThe Perpetual Motion of Evolution
Elle WorksHas Natural Selection Been Selected Against?

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