Story of Evolution/Evolution of Stories
Bryn Mawr College
April 3, 2007

Ends or ... ?

Narrative or non-narrative? Books, life, inquiry?

Wilcox's as conscious, having I-function, Schlegel's as groping towards the connected bipartite brain?, always narrative?

Morality exists because of the bipartite brain, requires an "I" and ... interaction between stories (the "intellectual"?) and the unconscious (the "practical")? as well as between people?

"We are evolving in ways that Science cannot measure, to ends that Theology does not contemplate"

From the Forum

I related to Helen the best.. maybe it was her "impetuous thoughtlessness", as was suggested. I liked that she wasn't predictable.. that she acted on her emotions and just went. Later, thinking about it, I realized that I don't think I relate to her as much as I thought I did... or maybe it was that I wanted to relate to her, that she had qualities that I wanted to in someway embody... Karen Ginsburg

I think that in order for me to relate to something it has to be through emotions because they are timeless and since the two previous readings are more concerned about a certain time in history it is impossible to do so ... Ingrid Paredes

If we didn't have different morals there would be no need for the term or the idea of morals, it would just come installed in humans like a computer. By showing that not all character are moral and do not consider the same things moral perhaps Forster is really displaying us as we truly are. We talk about this book as not being generative because it is so stuck in time but these issues over morals are not ... LS

an overall balance of both connecting and not-connecting, in relation to morals, inevitably keeps life going ... J Shafagh

The origin of morality is more than its singular application in the life of one, or a group of people. It is a slowly integrated "process" of ideals ... tbarryfigu

I had been thinking in my head about relating autism to the characters in Howards End for some time now ... Shannon

There is a definite evolution to be seen between these two works. Smith has forced Howards End into the twenty-first century by telling her story through the eyes of a modern multicultural family that inhabits the world we live in today ... In a sense, the story of Howards End has been adapted to fit its surroundings ... Elise Niemeyer

one of the biggest differences between "on beauty" and "howard's end" is the treatment of intellectuals and practicals ... one of my many, many issues with this novel is the way it unfairly skewers intellectuals ... marquisedemerteuil

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