The Story of Evolution
and the Evolution of Stories

From Biological Evolution to Emergence to ... "Universal Acid"?
20 February 2007

Raises issues also about science, human life, literature ...

A story of emergence

Intent/purpose/meaning/words (and personal responsbility, goodness, comfort)

were not present at the beginning
do not exist in some parallel "other world"
do not disappear as illusions.

They are instead themselves outcomes of an evolutionary process and,
once having come into being,
they in turn become causal influences in that process.

From the Active Inanimate To Models to Stories to Agency (and Back Again)

Science as an emergent process?

Linear scienceSeriously loopy science
Science as successive approximations to Truth

Science as authority about "natural world"


Science as ongoing story telling and story revision: repeated making of observations, interpreting and summarizing observations, making new observations, making new summaries ... individually and collectively

Science as skepticism, a style of inquiry that can be used for anything, one which everybody is equipped to to/can get better at/be further empowered by, and contribute to - a way of making sense of what is but even more of exploring what might yet be

Narrative? (see The Nature of Science)

 "Science" vs "science as story telling and ...
  • "science" can be/is done without words, intent, meaning (biological evolution is "science")
  • "story telling" an add on .... increases rate and scope of exploration?
  • the narrative/non-narrative distinction as a story telling exploration ... in general?(things just are versus things have patterns/meanings)
Culture as an emergent ... ?

Meaning, words, story telling, literature as an emergent ... ?

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