Nada AliThrough Camille's Eyes: Prancing In and Out Time, Consciousness and Space
Austin AndrewsEvolution's Wrath
Haley BruggemannIllumination
Eleanor CareyDo all of our Readings from the Course present the same, Consistent View of Science?
Maureen EnglandBirth of Consciousness
Becky HahnThe Story of Archaeological Time
Liz PaterekThe differences in the Stories We Tell
Brittany PladekThe Story(s) of Evolution
Tonda Shimbo"The Talk"
Kate ShinerAnalyzing Dichotomy in the World of Orlando (as it appears in the World of my Mind): A Story
Ariel SingerExcavation Report for Leira, Devon County, England
Kelsey SmithGender as a Socially Constructed Phenomenon
Annie SullivanResisting the Clock: Dissolving Time in Virginia Woolf's Orlando
Eileen T. A Story In Sixteen Moments (And Several Versions)
LTLimitations of Choice in Gender for Hermaphrodites
Anjali VaidyaA Spring Afternoon
Ivelina YonovaWriting about Writing: A Literary Experiment
Ghazal ZekavatFrom ABC to DNA: The Evolution of the Word-Species and the Modern Story-teller
Lauren ZimmermanThe Role of Ovid's' Metamorphoses in Middlesex: Giving Tiresias a Voice