Biology/English 223/College Seminar II
Bryn Mawr College
Spring 2005

The Story of Evolution and the Evolution of Stories:
Exploring the Significance of Diversity

Third Set of Web Papers
(as of May 6, 2005)
...on some aspect of the evolution of literary stories that
particularly interests--or is useful--to you.

Nada AliHerculine Barbin's Influence on Middlesex
Austin AndrewsCategories and Their Impact on the Ethical Treatment of People within Society
Arshiya BoseA Pilgrimage to the End of Story Telling
Haley BruggemannWeaving Stories
Eleanor CareyHerculine Barbin and Middlesex
Carolyn DahlgrenThe Species of Truth: Tracing the Genealogy of a Preeminent Family
Laine EdwardsThe Context of Usefulness
Maureen England Who is Herculine Barbin?
Jennifer GerfenDetermination of Self: Predetermined or Socially Created?
Becky HahnThe Influence of Perspective on Identity and Story
Michael HeeneySpiral Staircases and Cylindrical Pools: The Implosion of "Circular" and "Linear" Gestalts
Alexandra MnuskinEvolution of Literature
Liz PaterekWhat is a Genderless Mind?
Brittany PladekShoot Me, I'm the Author
Tonda ShimboEvolution in the Rails
Kate ShinerThe Implications of Dichotomy in Middlesex, Herculine Barbin, and Everywhere
Kelsey SmithCal vis-a-vis Tiresias: The Evolution of a Character
Anne SullivanFictional Truths: Confession in Herculine Barbin
L.T.Perceptions and Perspectives: Herculine Barbin's Influence on Middlesex
AVThe Enigma of the Incest Taboo
Ghazal ZekavatThe Usefulness of Stories
Lauren ZimmermanThe Role of Ovid's Metamorphoses in Middlesex

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