Biology/English 223/College Seminar II
Bryn Mawr College
Spring 2005

The Story of Evolution and the Evolution of Stories:
Exploring the Significance of Diversity

Second Web Papers
(as of March 14, 2005):
Think through some aspect of the story of evolution beyond the context of biology which is of particular interest or use to you.

Nada Ali Dennet's Treatment of Memes
Austin Andrews Morality of an Evolutionist
Rebekah Baglini Beyond Turing: Exploring the Inner Workings of Human Intelligence through AI
Arshiya Bose Are you there God? It's me, a Complex-Adaptive System
Haley Bruggemann Memes and Individuality
Eleanor Carey Universal Acid?
Carolyn Dahlgren The Dreams of 'Magnetic Sleep' and other Stories
Maureen England Of Human Arrogance and Dennet's Support of it
Jennifer Gerfen Memory of the Storyteller
Becky Hahn The Relationship between Storytellers and Language
Alexandra Mnuskin Evolution of Altruism
Liz Paterek Free Will and Artificial Intelligence
Brittany Pladek A QWERTY World
Jessica Rosenberg Frolicking Through Design Space, Evolutionary Choose Your Own Adventure
Tonda Shimbo My Story Evolving
Kate Shiner Hegelian Conflict in Evolution: An Intuitive Appeal
Ariel Singer An Act for Human Betterment by Voluntary Sterilization: the effect of culture on biology in turn-of-the-century Vermont
Kelsey Smith Evolution of AIDS
Anne Sullivan The "Promiscuous" Meme: A Look at Cultural Evolution in Dennett's Terms
L.T. Leaps of Faith: Accessing Possibilities
Anjali Vaidya On Science and Religion
Ghazal Zekavat On Artificial Intelligence: Dennett v. Gödel and Penrose
Lauren Zimmerman Language and Evolution

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