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Bender: American writers..felt what Freud called the "biological blow" that Darwin had dealt "to human narcisscism".... Cooke: Biopoetics attempts to study biological influences on the composition and consumption of the still very much under development...has benefitted hugely from a handful of ethological concepts like the kin altruism, paternal uncertainty, and sexual selection....elemental biological dispositions... will add to hour critical perspective will broaden, not narrow, literary studies...literary studies have been losing the struggle for the intellectual marketplace for decades...species, genres, academic disciplines evolve in a similar fashion......promise to reconnect literary studies with all life and behavioral sciences....self-organizing systems structure the Universe....literary biopoetics becomes the activity of discerning patterns in the larger web of existence....

Easterlin: end of the eighteenth century, disciplinary competition...dies hard....turn of the nineteenth century, Wordsworth: scientific knowledge is difficult and learned, whereas poetic knowledge is coterminus with our own existence....competition between science and literature..a phenomenon of the past several hundred years..literary study has always defended itself against and defined itself in relation to some other discipline....a marked pattern of nineteenth-century literary elevate literature above science in...defending its viability....contrary tendency to assimilate scientific research literary studies..toward the end of that century....historical drama of the relationship of literature to science..sometimes destructively competitive, sometimes intellectually productive....objectives fundamentally different...empirically grounded research..can enhance the speculative activity of literary interpretation....whether science has any actual value for literary studies....What is the proper relation of literature to science?...never a coherent professional tradition within English earliest form based on opposed impulses towards Arnoldian humanism toward professionalization...influenced by science....whether "literary values" exist distinct from values of other disciplines....sciences and social sciences primarily seek to elucidate normative feature of phenomena or systems.... cf. the necessarily speculative enterprise of interpreting individual literary texts....attempt to establish the kind of methodological control available in science..seriously disabling to the art of interpretation....

Turner: science and humanities have changed places....the humanities profess a scientifically obsolete view of events.. incompatible with human culture....chief problem of our field is a loss of contact with reality....what is scientifically verifiable....propose we refound the humanities on the sciences....anthropology, neuroscience, chaos theory, information theory, cybernetics, ecoscience....competition among specialized disciplines: each delegitimizes others by asserting groundlessness of all assertion, excepting its own point of view....adopt scientific realism as basis for a renewal of the humanities...protect the integrity of the fantastic....humanities share blame for trying to delegitimize reality....not be species-centered, even carbon-based-life-form-centered, in qualification for who gets to construct reality....extend franchise and observerhood of everything else in the universe...many entities do not experience the world as text....Reality is consensual, but consensual includes all energy and matter in a universe...Science is nothing more than the method by which we poll the vote of other world-constructors than ourselves; scientific knowledge is sum of everything that has ever surprised us by turning out different from expected....senses peripherals whereby we cannibalize natural intelligence of physical universe....

Smith: focus on Pinker's The Adapted Mind and How the Mind Works, for preemptive claims and sutured image of the mind: seeks to synthesize computational model of mind and narrowly adaptationist accounts of human behavior...Quixotic effort to provide quasi-naturalized account of cognition....unremittingly purposive, rational idiom of evolutionary psychology....obscures significance of historical contingency...everyday chanciness, particularity and dependency of all biological events....crucial explanatory oversimplification....cannot specify what's innate....Pinker esp. disturbed by learning: modification by interactions with environment....dismisses cultural, historical and individual variables, mistakes own oversimplification for discovery of simplicity, effacement of contingency, mediation and variability.captive to unregenerate Two cultures mentality, with intellectual provincialism and disciplinary antagonisms...