The Story of Evolution/
The Evolution of Stories

A Genuinely Evolutionary Experience

(April 25 & 27, 2005)

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Day 1:
Laine as talk show host, Nada as Herculine Barbin, Lauren as Callie, Annie as Orlando
Maureen as Virginia Woolf
Jen as Daniel Dennett, Liz as Ernst Myer, Brittany as Virginia Woolf
Becky (in white) as Ariadne, Carolyn (in purple) as Thesias, Lauren (in pink!) as Minos, Ariel(in green) as Daedalus

Day 2:
Mike & Rebecca discussing emergence and intentionality
Haley & Eleanor's video on "memes"
Maya as talk show host, Maria as Virginia Woolf, Sasha as Callie, Kate as Ernst Myer
Jessica, Austin, Ghazal, Tonda & Anjali supervising story-writing
Kelsey as oragami-maker, Iva as (the body of), Britt as (the voice of) Paul, Natalie as (the body of), Arshiya as (the voice of) Anne, Eileen as herself

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