Biology/English 223/College Seminar II
Bryn Mawr College
Spring 2004

The Story of Evolution and the Evolution of Stories:
Exploring the Significance of Diversity

Paper Assignment


Within the broad area discussed in class and indicated on the syllabus for the particular paper assignment ...

Paper Preparation and Submission

Papers need to be submitted both as hard copy and electronically. To facilitate this, write your paper as you normally would using any word processing program, but avoid complicated formatting (tables, lists, elaborate fonts/styles). Citations should be in a numbered or alphabetical list at the end. Items in that list can then be cited by parenthetical references in the text.

When you have completed writing your paper as you normally would, print it to turn in as your hard copy. Then make a second version of the paper by saving the original paper as "text only" and giving it some distinctive file name on your computer. This version will have lost some formatting characteristics (hence the requirement above), and is the version you will submit electronically.

Go to the paper posting area (NOT the class forum). Here you will be asked for email address, name, and paper title. Enter these, being sure that both your name and your paper title are as you want them to appear on the posted paper.

Below the spaces for address/name/title is a text entry window, much like that in the course forum except it appears with some normal text at the top followed by some capitalized text (repeating these instructions). Do not disturb the normal text at the top. The capitalized text should be deleted, either by selecting and deleting or by pasting over it in the course of the following:

Stay calm. Look forward to being able to read not only your paper but the papers of others as well. Email if there are any problems.

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