Biology/English 223/College Seminar II
Bryn Mawr College
Spring 2004

The Story of Evolution and the Evolution of Stories:
Exploring the Significance of Diversity

Third Web Papers

Reeve BasomViolent Literature: The Cling and Release of Humanity
Perrin BraunDe-Mystifying Death
Erin DalyThe Patience of a Female Author: A Woman's Calling
Heather DavisBelieving in Una
Fritz DubuissonHonor Thy Father
Julia EddyAn Investigation of Literary Greatness: Still a Battle of the Sexes
Ro. FinnTheory Need Not Apply
Meg FolcarelliUna's Religious Quest
Student ContributorStriking Through the Pasteboard Mask
Em MadsenMoby-Dick: A Dissection
Orah MinderCounteracting the Lightness of Being; Leaning into Each Other
Daniela MitevaSimply Absurd
Su-Lyn PoonOn Oceans and Nations
Student ContributorSex and the Sea: A Close Reading of Moby Dick
Rosalyn SchorrA Comparison
Student ContributorAdam and Eve, Ahab and Una
Lindsay UpdegroveMapping the Quest: the Channels of Literary Evolution

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