Biology/English 223/College Seminar II
Bryn Mawr College
Spring 2004

The Story of Evolution and the Evolution of Stories:
Exploring the Significance of Diversity

First Web Papers
(as of 24 Feb)

Reeve BasomThe Evolution of Anthropocentrism
Perrin BraunExploring the Validity of Natural Theology
Elizabeth CataneseEvolution Embedded in Symbols, Symbols of Evolution
Erin DalyThe Myths Created by Stories
Elizabeth DeaconArguing the Point
Fritz DubuissonThe Civilized Altruist
Mary FerrellWe are the Storytellers
Ro. FinnEvolution Is
Margaret FolcarelliEvolution as a Creative Process
Lauren FriedmanEvolution of the Internet:
A Rhizomatic Application of Darwin
Student ContributorTranscending Evolution: The Human Consciousness, or The Soul
Simran KaurMy Story: The Revision of Vocabulary
E.J. MadsenSex and Chance: Strange Bedfellows?
Daniela MitevaQuirks
Becky RichNiches of the Mind; Language and the Brain
Student ContributorStories as Attitudes
Student ContributorThe Only Lasting Truth is Change
Rosalyn SchorrKeep Evolution in Our Schools
Student ContributorCan Neo-Creationism Stand up to Evolution by Natural Selection?
Jen Sheehan"Evolution": What's in a word?
orah minderA Search For An Excuse
Rachel Clark Mayr and the Monkeys Went Down to Georgia
Heather Davis Mental Categorization
Julia Eddy Making the Image Less Wrong: Expansion and the Evolutionary Lottery
Nancy Evans Biology and Morality: Evolution or Inherency?
Stefanie Fedak A Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell as Sweet
Kat McCormick Altruism and the Fluctuation of Intelect
Patricia Palermo Race: An Empty Category?
Katherine Pioli Perfection According to Mayr
Su-Lyn Poon Making Sense of Science and Religion
Susan Willis Filling the Gap -Niche Theory and the Human Consciousness
Is Death Responsible for Diversity?
The Story of Evolution and America's Fear

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