Evolving Images:
Catanese in Process

Xeroxing Ahab's Wife
Hmmmm ... hands show up in the image

Stories ... images ... evolution ... creation ... serendipity

A series of images created on a xerox machine by Elizabeth Catanese one day in spring 2004. Elizabeth was taking a course called The Story of Evolution and the Evolution of Stories. A course about chance and change and how things evolve. Among the texts in the course were Ahab's Wife and Moby Dick.

The sequence of images represents ... a story? ... the evolution of an image? ... a study of creation? ... chance? ... what one makes of them?

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Bottles too ...
Wonder if I can catch a whale in a bottle?
Maybe not?
Could be a matter of time ...
Hey, look what happens when things move ...
LOTS of neat stuff
Hey, this IS interesting ...
Whoops, forgot about the whale ...
How about if I move the whale?

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