An Inquiry into the Possible Existence of Internal Differences Correlated With A Morphological Dimorphism in the Terrestrial Species Homo sapiens, with Some Considerations of Methodology

Paige Cunningham, Rachel Derber, Ariana Lamb, Jessica Miller, Kate DiFelice, Kate Kaczmarek, Faye McGrath, Crystal Nicodemus, Cassandra Phillips, Sonam Tamang, Ariel Velez, Cindy Zhan, and I.M. Cogito

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1. "Thinking" does indeed take time.

2. We are unable to confirm the hypothesis that females think and males don't.

3. Though not statistically significant, there is some suggestion in our data that males may think more than females.

4. Our research further calls into question existing studies suggesting that males act faster than females.

5. Further research is necessary to determine