Playing with Categories:
Re-doing the Politics of Sex and Gender

Bryn Mawr College
Fall 2005

Fourth Set of Web Papers: The Politics of Sex and Gender
(December 16, 2005)

Choice and Reproductive Technologies
by Alex Heilbronner, Samantha Martinez and Flora Shepherd
Alex Heilbronner Autonomy and Reproductive Choices for Teenagers
Samantha Martinez Missing Voices, Missing Wombs: Reproductive Technologies and Women of Color
Flora Shepherd Emergency Contraception and Anti-sex Policy

Sexing America
by Kathryn Corbin, Elle Endre-Stacy, Kelsey G and Sarah Halter
Kathryn Corbin The Docile Dame vs. the Dominatrix: A Case Study of Pornography within the Anti-sex and Sex-positive Movements
Elle Endre-Stacy Better Safe Than Never
Kelsey G. Deconstructing Sex Work In Order to Construct Feminism
Sarah Halter Hate Crime Legislation: Renegotiating in Three, Two, One...!

The Talents to Balance or the Struggle to Juggle
by Talya Gates-Monasch, Emily Madsen, Anna Mazzariello and Lindsay Updegrove
Talya Gates-Monasch Being Hurt is not a Given: A Feminist's Perspective

Patricia Flaherty Learning to Find the G-Spot in Discourse with the Help of Disabled Women
Amy Phillips Either/Or and Both Neither: A Discourse of "Trans-"

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