Playing with Categories:
Re-doing the Politics of Sex and Gender

Bryn Mawr College
Fall 2005

Third Set of Web Papers: The Politics of Sex and Gender
(November 20, 2005)

What aspect of the current politics of sex and gender most interests you? What is your understanding of its current state? How do you imagine an alternative to what now exists? What categories are salient for this issue? Which need re-thinking? What reading might be useful for you to do, in light of what you know, want to know and do? How might you act, or encourage others to act, to alter the current state of things?

Kat CorbinCutting off your Nose to Spite your Face
Patricia FlahertyTo All "Feminists" Out There: [Please] Shhh!
Talya Gates-MonaschBeing Hurt is Not a Given: A Feminist's Perspective
Kelsey GGender and Sexualities Paper #3
Sarah HalterHate Crime Legislation: What to do, what to do?
Alex HeilbronnerPaper 3
Samantha MartinezMissing Voices, Missing Wombs: Reproductive Technologies and Women of Color
Orah MinderImagined Space
Amy PenningtonThe Empire of Images: Discourses of Female Sexuality
Amy PhillipsEither/Or: Discourse of "Trans-"
Elle StacyGayle Rubin and Claudia Card: The politics of sex, marriage and motherhood
Lindsay UpdegroveThe Eternal Gap: A Myth

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