Playing with Categories:
Re-doing the Politics of Sex and Gender

Bryn Mawr College
Fall 2005

First Web Papers: Gender Play
(September 9, 2005)

Essays comparing one of our own early memories and a recent experience of gender play (or work?), written from the sort of perspective Barrie Thorne uses in her 1994 book, Gender Play: Girls and Boys in School, as an ethnographer who assumes the role of participant-observer.

Kathryn CorbinFrom Nail Polish to Not Crying: How I Learned to Play with Boys
Elle Endre-StacyGender Play
Patricia FlahertyBeing Embodied S*cks.
Talya Gates-MonaschLet's Talk About Sex, and Gender
Kelsey GGender and Sexualities Paper # 1
Sarah Halter"Ignore It!"
Alex HeilbronnerPaper 1
Em MadsenWoodchip Turtles and Bad Beer: Or, Not Much Has Changed Since Elementary School
Samantha MartinezQuestioning Gender as a Central "Oppressive" Force in Women's Lives
Anna MazzarielloIts "Fun" to be Misunderstood When Playing With Gender
Orah MinderSummertime Packing
Amy PenningtonA Journey in Gendered Play
Amy PhillipsAll the Small Things: An Exploration of Gender Performance Past and Present
Flora ShepherdBirthmark: Why categories hurt.
Lindsay UpdegroveEasy to play, not so easy to win

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