Playing with Categories

Day 17: Learning to Labor

"The first profession opened to women consisted of the sale of sexual love
and was called prostitution; the second...
was a traffic in maternal love and was called pedagogy."
(Redding Sugg, Motherteacher: The Feminization of American Education, 1978)

From The History Place: Child Labor in America 1908-1912

Call for Papers: Geis Student Research on Women Conference

7:45 Tuesday, Nov. 1, TGH:
Natalie Zemon Davis, "A 16th Century Muslim Between Worlds"

Biography of Natalie Zemon Davis Elizabeth Eaves, "The Lap of Luxury," Philadelphia Inquirer (October 25, 2005): "In strip clubs, paying the price is part of the experience."

Maureen Dowd, 'What's a Modern Girl to Do?"(New York Times Magazine, October 30, 2005)

For Wednesday:
read three short (and very readable!) essays about "breaking down" and "re-making,"
by Michael Warner, Dorothy Allison and Cherrie Moraga
You're warmly welcome (but not required) to post responses

From Non-Traditional Employment for Women

For Friday: post on-line a 100-word prospectus for your next paper:
What aspect of the current politics of sex and gender most interests you?
What is your understanding of its current state?
How do you imagine an alternative to what now exists?
What research do you need to do, in order to explore this issue?

Paul Willis's Learning to Labor: How Working Class Kids Get Working Class Jobs--
Jen's thoughts and questions
Anne's reading notes and quotable quotes

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