Playing with Categories
Day 12: The Birds and the Bees...?


7:30 p.m. Thurs, 10/ 6 Ana Castillo reading in TGH

5 p.m. Fri, 10/7: your second paper due, on-line and in hard copy to your instructor (in folder w/ first paper)

Tues, 10/11 reduced price tickets to Eve Ensler, The Good Body, @ the Zellerbach (contact Ruth Conboy,

Mon, 10/17 finish reading Middlesex
3 on-line interviews with Eugenides
packet of material on I Am My Own Wife,including
How May Sexes? How Many Genders? When Two Are Not Enough

Tues, 10/18: post your responses to bio talk/questions for one upcoming

Wed, 10/19: more on the biology of sex and gender w/ Grobstein

2 p.m. Sat, 10/22: I am My Own Wife @ the Wilma
(extra tickets available--see one of us, if interested!)

And now...on to the birds and the bees...

w/ time @ the end for some mid-semester feedback...?
what's working, what isn't?

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