Playing with Categories

Day 17: Learning to Labor--Anne's Reading Notes

x: intention of school system: to reinforce inequality
xii: lads disqualify selves from middle class,on battlefield of school:
workers self-produced by defining selves, in antagonism, as others of bourgeois culture
3: self damnation experienced as true learning
22: ear'oles vs. lads, formal vs. informal
27: principles of mobility and self-direction
28: assault on time: being free
32: "stupidity" ghost of conventional values
soul of wit disparaging relevance
35: violence as rough honor
53: chauvinism, toughness and machismo on shopfloor: massive attempt to gain informal control of work process
63: integration vs. differentiation
self and its future critically separated from institution
teaching relation between potential contenders for supremacy
64: There must be consent from the taught
teaching as fair exchange of knowledge for respect
65: successful conventional teaching cannot tolerate private reservation
68: revision from objective to moral basis of teacher's gift of knowledge, in exchange for respect
equivalents transmuted into fog of moral commitment:
real exchange becomes ideal
moral term capable of infinite extension and assimilation because it has no real existence except in itself
what is worth striving for becomes right attitude itself
(only cost, precondition for knowledge, qualification)
mystificatory transmutation of basic exchange relationships into illusory, ideal ones

integrated by genuine conservative ethic concerning organic, harmonious society
70: not much expected: yielding in order to ensure control
uneasy, fatalistc sense of basic oppression
71: relevance and progressivism post-revolutionary solutions to pre-revolutionary problems,
mobilized to control, basic paradigm delegitimised during differentiation:
teacher repressive prison guard, challenge to formal paradigm from private areas made visible/derived from neighbourhood
73: working class values provide material for differentiation
77: hostilities in post-differentiated school situation: teaching paradigm coercive
81: pupils composed of 2 people, one to save the other, exhorted to behave in ways of which suposed incapable
83: traditional and modern techniques both about winning a form of consent from students
crucial relation predicated on consent of pupils to reciprocate in ed'l exchange
progressivism attempt to preserve version of the consent @ heart of older method--just broadening its terms
85: wagelessness in underdeveloped context-->refusal to work in developed one
rejection of work by second generation immigrants
96: work situation: where you can speak for yourself, not expected to be subservient
102: experiential separation of inner self from work: cultural diversion makes job bearable
103: school built up resistance to mental work: encroaches upon private, independent areas
109: establish cultural opposition, yielding to hope for challenge: giving up control of power relationship
110: roughness of lads realistic assessment of position,
lack of pushiness, restricted mode falls short of wanting to join "them"
113: disillusioned attitude: blocking subjective feeling
element of self-domination in accepting subordinate roles

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