General Programs 290
Haverford College
Fall 2004

Knowing the Body:
Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Sex and Gender

Third Set of Web Papers
(December, 2004)

Gender, Sexuality, and Political Agency
by Maryssa Doyle, Sierra Jorgensen, Rebecca Mao and Gilda Rodriguez-Cervantes
Mar DoyleMinerva and Vesta: Women's Roles During Times of War
Sierra JorgensenThe Systematic Destruction of Women's Agency in Juarez, Mexico
Rebecca MaoAn analysis of Gay Bashing Through Exploration of the Matthew Shepard Event
Gilda RodriguezThe Political Performance of Motherhood: Las Madres de Plaza de Mayo

The Anthology of "S" Introduction
by Arielle Abeyta, David Little, JM, Beth Piastra and Deborah Sosower
Arielle AbeytaHigh Heels: 4 Inches Closer to Heaven
JMThe Female and Her Story on Trial
Elizabeth PiastraThe Category of the Individual
Deborah SosowerPhotographic Homosexuality: Robert Mapplethorpe's Photography in a Political Landscape

A Thwarted Patriarchy: Haverford College, the Justice System, Governmental Policy, and Feminism
by Sara Ansell, Bryn Beery, Marissa Chickara and Nancy Evans
Sara AnsellCoeducation at Haverford: A Forced Revolution
Bree BeeryGender Politics in the US Criminal Justice System
Marissa ChickaraGovernmental Family Policy
Nancy EvansDifference Feminism: June Cleaver with an M.B.A. or a New Brand of Women?

Legislation and Societal Attitudes: Still a Love-Hate Relationship
by Mo Convery, L.B. Graham, Jessie Payson, Chelsea Phillips and Claire Pomeroy
Mo ConveryForcing the Private into the Public; the Face of Exploitation in Public Health
Laura GrahamMy Two Bits Worth
Jessica PaysonThe Fetal Rights Movement: The Pro-Life Administration's Conception of American Citizenship
Chelsea PhillipsBreakOUT: Florida and the Future of Gay Adoption
Claire PomeroyRedefining Public and Private in the Framework of a Gendered Equality

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