Gender and Science:
Re-envisioning & Revising the Relation

First Web Papers:
responses to the "Larry Summers tempest"
(February 2, 2007)

Flora The Personal May be Political, but is it Scientific?
R. MalfiThanks Larry, but No Thanks
E. NewburyReconsidering The Boys Club
Sam Dealing with Differences
Sky Stegall The Wrong Question

Second Web Papers:
on the making of women scientists
(February 26, 2007)

atismanDear Doc do we make female scientists?...
RebeccaScience More Enjoyable for All
Sky Stegall The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Third Web Papers:
what use can you make of the feminist critique of science?
(March 21, 2007)

atismanThere Isn't Just One
eliChanging the Classroom Using The Feminist Critique of Science
FloraWhy feminist critiques of science theory demand a change in the rhetoric of the opt-out revolution
Rebecca A Feminist Perspective's Effects on my Career Approach
R. Malfi Women Say "Nay!" to Independence
Sam Hello, My Name is Agent, and I Seem to Have Misplaced My Agency

Fourth Web Papers:
on re-presenting women in science
(April 27, 2007)

atismanThree Waves
oschalitA Collection of Poems
RebeccaModel Cars
R. Malfi The Collective Guardian: The start of a potentially heroic tale
Sam Giant Killer Robotz™ and the Case of Kylie
Sky StegallApple Blossom Journey: A Path to Feminizing Physics

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