"Alchemies of Mind": The Emotional Landscape
of Classical Nineteenth-Century Texts

Bryn Mawr College
Spring 2006

Fifth Web Papers: Reading Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
(May 6, 2006)

Erin BagusChildren as Teachers: the possibility of a new social order?
Alice BrysonSilver Tongues and Straw Hats: Lyra and Huck
Jillian DavisFrom Bondage to Freedom: The Use of Religion and Superstition in Huckleberry Finn
Catherine DuranteNumbers Not Part Of The Answer
Laine EdwardsTeaching Huck Finn
Marina GalloAn Impression of Families in "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn"
Chris HaagenCry Tom Cry
Adina HalpernMisadventures of Jim
Steph HeroldFreedom is Not a Feeling: Constraining Huckleberry Finn
Angeldeep KaurWhat Was I Thinking?
Margaret MillerThe Adventure of Childhood: Reexamining Huckleberry Finn
Alison ReingoldMissing Chapter: Huck and Miss Fuller
Jessica RosenbergIdentity and The Word in Huck Finn
Marie SagerI Have a Story
Sky StegallPerforming Friendship in Huck Finn
Amy SternThe More It Asserts Itself: Guilt and Masculinity in The Scarlet Letter
Catherine WimberleyThe Great Escape: Huck Finn's Escape From Social Constraint

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