"Alchemies of Mind": The Emotional Landscape
of Classical Nineteenth-Century Texts

Bryn Mawr College
Spring 2006

Fourth Web Papers: Reading The Scarlet Letter
(March 31, 2006)

Erin BagusIt just is
Alice BrysonMultiplicity, Myths, and Dimmesdale, Pharaoh?
Jillian DavisWondrous Strength and Generosity of an Author's Words: Hawthorne's Heads Up to Intelligent Readers
Catherine DuranteLet h= Hester
Laine EdwardsAn "A" Paper
Allie EiselenA is for affect works cited
Emily FeenstraBy Any Other Name
Marina GalloI Spy With My Little Eye...No Evil People in the Scarlet Letter
Adina HalpernStupefying Language in the Scarlet Letter
Steph HeroldMother Knows Best: Pearl and Rosseau, a Confrontation
Angeldeep KaurThanks to Dr. Phil: Cultural Influence in Emotional Understanding
Margaret MillerNo One Is Alone
Jackie O'MaraThe Pearl and the Rose
Laura OttenBody Language at the Scaffold and in the Forest; The Physical States of Hester and Dimmesdale in Contrasting Environments
Jorge RodriguezElf-Child
Jessica RosenbergCurrent Forum: Philosophizing, economizing... and Big Books?
MarieHester and I
Laura SockolTeaching the ScArlet Letter
Lauren SweeneyHurt So Good: The Derivation of Pleasure From Pain in "The Scarlet Letter"
Catherine WimberleyEscaping the historical context?

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