"Alchemies of Mind": The Emotional Landscape
of Classical Nineteenth-Century Texts

Bryn Mawr College
Spring 2006

Third Web Papers: Reading Uncle Tom's Cabin
(March 17, 2006)

Erin BagusA Buddhist response to Uncle Tom's Cabin: Christian dualism is at the heart of the problem
Alice BrysonThe Right Moral Path of Uncle Tom's Cabin
Jillian DavisHoly Infant, Patient and Mild: Children as Images of Christian Goodness
Catherine DuranteNot My Uncle Tom
Laine Edwards"Blinking" to a Better World: The Theories of Malcolm Gladwell as applied to Uncle Tom's Cabin
Emily FeenstraWhat Really Matters
Marina GalloJesus vs. Tom and Eva in Uncle Tom's Cabin
Chris HaagenGazing at the Whale
Adina HalpernThe Complex Augustine St. Clare
Steph HeroldYou Go, Girl: Cassy and Baldwin's Categorization Theory
Angeldeep KaurPerspectives of a Biologist: A Scientific Critique of Uncle Tom's Cabin
Anna Mazzariellosee how fast they run
Margaret MillerA Man Who Tries
Jackie O'MaraA Black Jesus?
Laura OttenLetter of Consideration to Ms. Harriet Beecher Stowe
Alison ReingoldMary Sue and Little Eva
Jorge RodriguezCry Me a River
Jessica RosenbergThe Left Hand of Stowe
Marie SagerChristianity, Schmistianity
Sky StegallNeither Liberty Nor Security
Laura SockolHow to "Feel Right:" Cognitive Dissonance in Uncle Tom's Cabin
Amy SternThe Trial of H.B. Stowe: The Boondocks, Uncle Tom's Cabin, and the Progression of Propaganda
Lauren SweeneyLarger Than Life: The Influential Power of Reputation in 'Moby Dick'
Catherine WimberleyLiterature Revue

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