"Alchemies of Mind": The Emotional Landscape
of Classical Nineteenth-Century Texts

Bryn Mawr College
Spring 2006

Second Web Papers: Reading Moby Dick--and Using Moby Dick to Read the World
(February 17, 2006)

Erin BagusBush-whacked
Catherine DuranteQualifications To Read Classics: Ignorance
Laine EdwardsLoving and Hating the White Whale
Allie EiselenAhab's Fable
Emily FeenstraThe Prophets and Fate of the Pequod
Marina GalloDoom Doom Doom Doom Doom
Laci HuttoGroup Psychology and Analysis of the Pequod
Margaret MillerThe Masks We Wear
Jackie O'MaraSailing to Self-Discovery
Laura OttenMelville the Pessimist & Alternative Lessons My Religious Education Has Taught Me about Creation
Alison ReingoldThe Search Behind James's Pasteboard Mask
Jorge RodriguezSleeping With Cannibals
Marie SagerThe Turn of the Female Adventure
Laura SockolThe Man Who Mistook a Whale for Pure Evil: A Diagnostic Assessment of Captain Ahab
Megan StegallMicrocosms from a Microcosm: Various Leadership Styles in the Whale-Boats
Amy SternThrough A Whale Darkly
Lauren SweeneyLarger Than Life: The Influential Power of Reputation in 'Moby Dick'

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