English 207: Big Books of American Literature
Bryn Mawr College
Spring 2006


Final Performances: Instructions for Preparing your Final Portfolio and Self-Evaluation

All course work is due by Saturday, 5/6, 5 p.m. (for seniors) and Friday, 5/12, 12:30 p.m. (for everyone else).

I'm asking you to prepare a portfolio, in which you will collect and reflect on all the spoken and written work you have done for this course. The portfolio invites you to chronicle what has happened in your evolution both as a writer and a speaker in class, and to contribute to and assist me in evaluating your work. So--

Gather together everything you've written for this class: the marked copies of your four five-page papers, as well as copies of all of your postings on the course website. Include as well a report on your final group presentation, and a copy of your final 10-pp. paper (the latter of these should also be posted on-line). Arrange the material in a folder, chronologically, back to front.

Review all you've gathered together in the portfolio; ruminate for a while on what you're seeing (feeling/thinking) as you do so. Then write a short essay tracing where you were when we began this process, where you are now, and what's been happening in between:

I very much look forward to seeing what you come up with, as well as what you have to say about it.

Thanks to you all, for what you have taught me in the work we have been doing together--



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