Big Books of American Literature; or

"Alchemies of Mind": The Emotional Landscape of Classical Nineteenth-Century Texts

April 25 & 27, 2006

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Day One: "Big Bread for Big Books"

Group 1:
Angeldeep Kaur, Laci Hutto, Adina Halpern, Emily Feenstra, Catherine Wimberley--Puppetshow
Group 2: Steph Herold, Catherine Durante, Alison Reingold, Marina Gallo--Emotion Scripts
The A Team: Margaret Miller, Lauren Sweeney, Laura Sockol, Jorge Rodriguez, Sky Stegall--Cast on a Raft

Day Two: From Melting Pot to Fruit Salad

What fruit are you?

Group 4: Jackie O'Mara, Laine Edwards, Jessica Rosenberg, Chris Haagen
Group 5: Marie Sager, Erin Bagus, Laura Otten, Allie Eiselen--A Game Using Different Disciplinary "Lenses"
Group 3: Alice Bryson, Amy Stern, Anna Mazzariello, Jillian Davis--Nineteenth Century Literature Survivor: Outwit...Outplay...Outlast

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