Marie Sager, Erin Bagus, Allie Eiselen, & Laura Otten

Final Presentation


The Game:




To play the following game you will be tested on your skills as individuals and as part of a group.  We hope to determine which lens is most useful in analyzing 19th Century American literature.





  1. One person is chosen to go up to the front of the class.  In round one this person will come from group one, round two group two, etc. 
  2. This person chooses a character card from the jar.
  3. The words on the character card are off-limits and the actor must answer each question to the best of his ability within 10 seconds.
  4. Each group has been assigned a lens through which their questions must be focused, i.e., a chemistry group could ask what element best represents your characteristics.  Be creative!
  5. We will go around from group to group, so that each group can ask two questions.
  6. After two rounds of questions, each group writes their guess on a card and hands it in.
  7. For a correct answer you receive one point; for incorrect, zero.
  8. Whoever gets the most points wins!