Understanding American Culture
From Melting Pot to Salad Bowl

The old "melting pot" metaphor is giving way
to new metaphors such as "salad bowl" and "mosaic",
mixtures of various ingredients that keep
their individual characteristics.

Help yourself to some fruit.

Write down "what fruit you are"...
metaphorically speaking. And/or
what fruit you might contribute to a fruit salad.

  • pear

  • tomato

  • strawberry

  • pineapple!

  • kiwi

  • raspberry

  • a cherry

  • uglifruit

  • kiwi!
  • cantalope (means "song of wolf")

  • cranberry

  • lemon (I keep it from going bad)

  • grape

  • lime

  • raspberry (sweet but sassy)

  • kumquat

  • orange

  • peach!