Big Books of American Literature

Day 2: April 27, 2006

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Group 4: Jackie O'Mara, Laine Edwards,
Jessica Rosenberg, Chris Haagen

Group 5: Marie Sager, Erin Bagus,
Laura Otten, Allie Eiselen--
A Game Using Different Disciplinary "Lenses"

Group 3: Alice Bryson,
Amy Stern, Anna Mazzariello, Jillian Davis--
Nineteenth Century Literature Survivor: Outwit...Outplay...Outlast

What fruit are you?

Performing Professing

"David Ross"
"Marc Schulz"
"Peter Brodfuehrer"

A Game Using Different Disciplinary Lenses

"Nineteenth-Century Literature Survivor"

The Professor Confronts Her Alter-ego (and Her Son)

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