Ane the owl hooted

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Questions, Intuitions, Revisions: Storytelling as Inquiry

2005 Web Report

On Serendip

And the owl hooted

Joanne Bunch

There once was a girl from West Philly
Whose life had gotten quite chilly
Her girlfriend had left her, for the court jester
This made her feel really silly.
Now where does this leave her you guess
For her life was in a mess, wanting more not less
She decided to change the tide
And applied for the scholars McBride
And when she got in, she said with a grin
"What the hell, I'll go for the ride"
She arrived in a tempest on campus
With skid marks on her hide
She met new faces and found new places
And it all was quite a surprise
The first few weeks were surreal
As she settled into her new deal
She registered for classes with the other asses
And proceeded to question and learn
Not so much so she could earn
The math was done with ease
The challenge was speaking Japanese
And than there was writing
With lots of nail biting and internal fighting to please
She tried to stay ahead of the curve
But quickly lost her nerve
Than she got sick but healed pretty quick
She proceeded to question and learns
Lantern night is quite a tradition
At step sing every class listens
To songs of the night
Though the words were not right
It is a Bryn Mawr tradition
Now the girl from West Philly
Is no longer chilly
She is warmed by the knowledge she's gained
To be a Mawrtyr is to be a starter
Gaining wisdom, fortune and fame
Now this story does not have an ending
For the girl, she is still spending
Her smarts and her wit
Not in comparative lit
But on courses that help her on mending

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