Questions, Intuitions, Revisions: Storytelling as Inquiry
Bryn Mawr College
Fall 2005, TTh 11:30-1

Updated Class Roster
(August 31, 2005)

Anne Dalke's Section

Paul Grobstein's Section
(Taylor G)

Ari BriskiRebecca Buck
Jessica Brody Jessica Castro
Joanne Bunch Silvena Chan
Jenny Chen Jessica Chow
Deborah FarringtonRachael Dubin
Lauren FosterHeather Fetting
Ellen Goodlett Kirsten Jusewicz-Haidle
Sydney Kraus-Malett Adrianna Link
Michelle Mascia-KaszaUnnati Pant
Jenny Lee Rushita Patel
Leslie McTavish Crystal Reed
Sarah Placke Shannon Rose
Amanda Root Charlotte Trautman
Virginia Tseng Caroline Troein
  Ilana Vine
  Sarah Vogel

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