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Sharon Burgmayer, 2000 (modified 2001)

Questions, Intuitions, Revisions:
Storytelling as Inquiry

Anne Dalke and Paul Grobstein

Welcome to the home page of a College Seminar course at Bryn Mawr College (Fall 2005).


This course was co-designed by faculty members in Biology and English to explore the variety of ways in which we are all continually reaching for new understandings of ourselves and our place in the universe. Readings include fairy tales, the nineteenth-century satire Flatland, Bertold Brecht's play Galileo, Connie Willis's science fiction novel Doomsday Book, and essays on topics ranging from psychology, linguistics and neurobiology to the culture of Bryn Mawr. In addition to traditional elements of inquiry--acting, enacting, observing, experimenting, reading, talking and writing--we will explore images, the potential of the web, and other aspects of developing information technology. Our task is to enhance our creative, synthetic, critical and communicative skills, to learn how to better "get it less wrong," both individually and collectively. Students will be required to contribute to the education of their colleagues as well as to people beyond the College by participating in a weekly on-line forum and putting some of their essays on the web.

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