College Seminar II/English 229
Bryn Mawr College
Spring 2005

A Conversation between Chemistry and Culture

Final Set of Web Papers
(as of May 23, 2005):
Our Stories of What We Have Found Beautiful....

Alanna AlbanoSearching for Correlations Between Beauty and Intelligence From the Male Perspective: A Brief Study
Tanya CorderCoping with a Misrepresentation of Beauty
Catherine DavidsonOut of the Smoke: The Beauty of Fighting Fire
Rebecca DonatelliBeauty of the Human Face
Malorie GarrettBe Careful What you Believe:A Study of the Number Phi and it's Effects on Beauty
Amanda GlendinningA Beautiful Woman
Meera JainThe Cultural Implications of Beauty
Alice KaufmanMake Something Beautiful
Beatrice LucaciuReconstruction
Krystal MadkinsNot a Pretty Girl
Amy MartinA Day's Worth of Beauty
Katy McGinnessFinal Thoughts on Beauty
Megan MonahanThe Beauty of Age
Elizabeth Newbury Musings of An Anthropologist
Liz PaterekBeauty Standards in the World of Subcultures
Marissa Patterson Beauty Expanded
Kara RosaniaWhat Is Beauty?
Lauren SweeneyMarked From Birth
Rachel UsalaThe Pain-Beauty Paradox

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