College Seminar II/English 229
Bryn Mawr College
Spring 2005

A Conversation between Chemistry and Culture

Fourth Set of Web Papers
(as of May 6, 2005):
On the Political Implications of Beauty

Alanna AlbanoSearching for "Political Trends" in Feminine Beauty: A Brief Study
Malorie GarrettJustice
Meera JainThe Power of Beauty
Alice KaufmanUndoing the Patriarchy in Art
Amy MartinExploring the social implications of beauty through the women's fashion magazine
Kat McCormickThe Interested Viewer as a Means of Mercy
Katy McGinnessThe Paradox of Beauty
Megan MonahanBlessing or Curse?
Elizabeth NewburyBeauty: Creating Inequality
Liz PaterekChanging Beauty
Marissa PattersonCan we remove the Bias?
Brittany PladekBeauty, Amen.
Alice SteadWhen Beauty Becomes Ugly
Rachel UsalaBeauty and Power
Jaya VasudevanReaching a Paradigm of Beauty: Cosmetics and Plastics within Western Culture
Annabella WoodGet Over It

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