College Seminar II/English 229
Bryn Mawr College
Spring 2005

A Conversation between Chemistry and Culture

Third Web Papers
(as of April 3, 2005):
"Reading a Picture"

Alanna AlbanoOn Beauty and Reading Pictures
Eugenia ChanReading "The Postman"
Catherine DavidsonLilly pads
Alix DermerOn Seeing the Beauty in the Paintings of Matisse, the Shape of a Rectangle, and the Number Three
Rebecca DonatelliReading a Painting: Femme se promenant dans une foret exotique
Nancy EvansDeceptive Beauty: Feminist Interpretations of Renoir
Malorie GarrettA Picture Worth a Thousand Words: Experinceing a Painting
Amanda GlendinningDancing Degas
Meera JainOnce upon a time...
Alice KaufmanExperiencing an Under-Appreciated Painting
Krystal MadkinsRenoir's "The Spring" and "Caryatides"
Amy Martin"Color is the Key": Reading "Le Bonheur de vivre"
Kat McCormickHappiness of Life
Katy McGinnessThe Stories Pictures Do Tell
Megan MonahanReading Blue Woman
Name:  Tanya"Re-creating a Work of Art"
Muska NStop Reading and Find the Joy of LIfe
Elizabeth NewburyOn Paintings, Human Experience, and Beauty
Liz PaterekMy Ivory Tower
Marissa PattersonBathing in the woods
Brittany PladekOn "Girl with a Basket of Oranges"
Mo-Gyung RhimPleasant Surprise
Kara RosaniaReading "The Woman at Work"
Flora ShepherdMatisse and Motel Art
Alice SteadReading a Painting
Lauren SweeneyBack to the Barnes
Rachel UsalaBeauty from all Directions
Jaya VasudevanA Beautiful Experience with a Work of Art: A Battle Between the Known and the New
Annabella WoodReading Renoir's Family

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