College Seminar II/English 229
Bryn Mawr College
Spring 2005

A Conversation between Chemistry and Culture

Second Web Papers
(as of March 14, 2005):
"Seeing Beauty as a Scientist"

Alanna AlbanoSeeing Beauty as a Scientist
Eugenia Chan Beauty in Mathematics
Tanya CorderThe Beauty of Ice
Rebecca DonatelliThe Narrative of Evolution
Nancy EvansBeauty, as Seen in Science: A Fictional Work
Malorie GarrettSomewhere Over the Rainbow: Finding Beauty as a Scientist
Amanda GlendinningScientific Beauty
Meera JainBharatnatyam
Alice KaufmanBeauty to an Appreciator of Science
Beatrice LucaciuScientific Beauty
Krystal MadkinsScience is Beautiful!
Amy MartinTo See as a Scientist: The Discovery of Crepuscular Rays
Kat McCormickThe Way I See It: Intellectual Abstractions of Experienced Beauty
Katy McGinnessA New Kind of Beauty
Megan MonahanHow a Scientist Sees Beauty
Muska NStorytelling and Science
Elizabeth NewburyBeauty in the Ashes
Liz PaterekThe Equation of Beauty
Marissa PattersonSummer Beauty
Mo RhimSpace Mountain
Kara RosaniaTwo Perspectives of Snow
Alice SteadThe Beauty of Science
Rachel UsalaThe Elegance of NMR and Superconductivity
Jaya VasudevanThe World Magnified: Beauty in the Eyes of a Scientist
Annabella WoodThe Path "Home"

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