College Seminar II/English 229
Bryn Mawr College
Spring 2005

A Conversation between Chemistry and Culture

First Web Papers
(as of January 31, 2005):
What Is Your Experience of Beauty?

Alanna AlbanoMy Experience of Beauty
Eugenia ChanA Beautiful Memory
Tanya CorderLife is Beautiful
Catherine DavidsonLa Beaute
Rebecca DonatelliMy Experience of Beauty
Malorie GarrettMy Wickedly Beautiful Experiance
Amanda GlendinningBeholding Beauty
Meera JainRefreshing
Alice KaufmanMy Secret "Circus of Dr. Lao" Philosophy
Krystal MadkinsFinding Beauty...
Amy MartinBeauty from the Eye of the Beholder
Kat McCormickMaking Sense of Beauty: Making Beauty of Sense
Megan MonahanMy Experience of Beauty
Muska NThe Day I Met Pecola Breedlove
Elizabeth NewburyThree Experiences of Beauty
Liz PaterekBeauty is a Double Edged Sword
Marissa PattersonSunsets
Mo-Gyung RhimTongue
Kara RosaniaThe Beauty of Love
Flora Shepherd Beauty in Categories
Alice SteadBeautiful Photographs
Lauren SweeneyExperiencing Beauty
Rachel UsalaMy Haunting Memory: an Experience of Beauty
Jaya VasudevanDefining Beauty: A Reflection of Personal Experiences of the Past
Annabella WoodThe Lightening Bolt

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