"It's an emergent property of connected human minds that they create things for one another's pleasure and to conquer their uneasy sense of being too alone." Gabriel Meister

So...what do you see, when you see Gabriel Meister's tatoos?

Anne: dunno: think i prefer being alone to wearing corporate logos....

Sharon: for the record, the SUN logo is my all-time favorite logo
for its symmetry and efficiency of construction from all "U" figures.
not that i'd get a tatoo of it...but for me it has a definite aesthetic.

Anne: so...this is amusing (albeit not surprising):
you see the form, i see the function;
you see the style, i see the substance.
i.e.; you appreciate the symmetry of the SUN logo;
i look right through/past it to the corporate symbolism.

Sharon: i would replace "substance" with meaning, or connotation.
the logo has no substance; it is only a form.
just as a word is. a stand-in for the meaning.

Anne: a cute exchange to tell our students about...?

Sharon: we might.... see how THEY interpret it. might get some fresh ideas that way....

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