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the oxford english dictionary says....

"The coloured luminosity produced in some transparent bodies by the direct action of light, esp. of the violet and ultra-violet rays; the property, in certain substances, of rendering the ultra-violet rays visible, so as to produce this phenomenon. Also attrib., as fluorescence spectrum, the spectrum of the light emitted by a substance when excited to fluorescence."



more simply, fluorescence is the name for the kind of light certain objects give off when a different kind of light shines on them.

more technically,

"Fluorescence is when a molecule absorbs light of one energy and later emits
light of a lower energy. Briefly, what happens is that upon absorption of
the first photon, an electron is promoted to a higher-energy orbital. This
raises the energy of the molecule by an amount equal to the energy of the
photon absorbed...."


so it's about light, and color, and it's beautiful....


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