selected quotes from The Marriage of Sense and Soul, Ken Wilber


-There is arguably no more importnat and pressing topic tha the relationof science and religion in teh modern world. Science is clearly one of the most profound methods that humans have yet devised for discovering truth, while religion remains the single greatest force for generating meaning. Truth and meaning, science and religion; but we still cannot figure out how to get the two of them together in a fashion that both find acceptable.

-These two enormous forces—truth and meaning—are at war in today's world. ...And someting sooner or later has to give.

-Within the scientific skeleton of truth, religious meaning attempts to fluorish, often by denying the scientific framework itself—rather like sawing off the branch where you cheerily perch. The disgust is mutual because modern sciecne gleefully denies virtually all the basic tenets of religion in general. According to the typical view of modern science, religion is not much more tha a holdover from teh childhood of humanity, with about as much reality as, say, Santa Claus. Whether the religious claims are more literal (Moses parting the Red Sea) or more mystical ( religion invovlves direct spiritual experience) modern science denies them all, simply because there is no credible empirical evidence for any of them.

-This is a massive and violent schism and rupture in the internal organs of today's glbal culture and this is exactly why many social analysts believe that if some sort of reconciliation between science and relgion is not forthcoming, the future of humanity is, at best, precarious.