selected quotes from How to Know God, Deepak Chopra


- A fully awakened brain is the secret to knowing God.

- I contend that the brain responds uniquely in every phase of spiritual life.

- Seven Stages of God

Stage One: God the Protector - identity based on flight or fight response

Stage Two: God the Almighty- identity based on reactiveresponse

Stage Three: God the Peace- identity based on restful awareness response

Stage Four: God the Redeemer- identity based on intuitive response

Stage Five: God the Creator- identity based on creative response

Stage Six: God of Miracles- identity based on visionary response

Stage Seven: God of Pure Being "I am"- identity based on sacred response


-The wonder is that the human nervous system can operate on so many planes. We don't just navigate these dimensions, we explore them, meld them together and create new worlds around ourselves. If you do not understand that you are multidimensional, then the whole notion of God runs off the rails.