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Name: jim
Subject: Prisoner's Dilema
Date: Sun Sep 22 15:50:47 EDT 1996
I am looking for studies regarding "The Prisoner's Dilema Game" dealing with or including data on strategies across genders. Are there significant diffrences?
Name: Serendip
Subject: To Blaire and Michael
Date: Thu Nov 14 13:46:00 EST 1996
We've been following your romance with interest and concern, and hope you won't go away. We do think, though, that you need a more discrete location, and so have created a special playground area for you and other romantics ... Behind the Jungle Gym. It should work just like the Playground. Please go there, and we hope you'll be even happier.
Name: Blaire and Michael
Subject: Serendip
Date: Sat Nov 16 13:55:18 EST 1996
To whom it may concern, Blaire and i just wanted to come in and post a comment to let you know how much we appreciate your gesture. we apologize if we have bothered anyone while writing to each other. we will be sure to keep our messages behind the jungle gym and welcome any other romantics who would like to play with us behind the jungle gym. thanks again Sincerely, Blaire and Michael
Name: andrea nanni
Subject: prisoner's dilemma
Date: Mon Dec 9 17:11:03 EST 1996
We know that if we play only one shot "not cooperate-not cooperate" is a Nash equilibrium.But if we play many times we can substain a different equilibrium.Let me know how many times we have to play and don't let the wizard take the decision.You'll have ineresting solutions.

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