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Response to "Making space accessible is an act of love for our communities"

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The passage I am picking is from Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarashinha reading and is related to the idea of disability rights and disability justice:

"A rights framework says that the ADA and other pieces of civil rights legislation give disabled "citizens" our rights: we simply state the law and get our needs met. Disability justice says: What if you're disabled and undocumented? What if you think the settler colonial nation we live in is a farce and a hallucination? What is you don't have money to sue an inaccessible business? What if the people giving you accommodations and access technology- or not- are not paid for by the state but part of your community?"

I really enjoyed this reading as it provided a new way to consider the idea of accessibility as a form of radical love. Thinking of access in this way provides a new way to also understand the differences between disabillity rights and disability justice. This new notion of accessibility provides an avenue to go further than just fighting for basic rights on a citizenship level but centers the idea of caring for others. I think in general this is something that is overlooked and not thought of as important but is one of the only way to actually work towards change. It is important that the fight for justice is done in the name of all individuals and this is something that she discusses in relation to the idea of radical love. We should strive towards improving everyone's experience simply because they are human and deserve access.